Hey, I'm glad you're here.


I'm Natalie, and this is my journey in healing through adventure. 


I face and process my past through my experiences climbing, hiking, paddling, exploring.

The lessons keep coming, and I'm still working on embracing myself as an already complete, wonderfully flawed, strong human while becoming the best me I can.


I'm working on forgiveness.


I initially established this site as an all-around adventure resource for womxn, but while I'm passionate about helping you plan your first bike tour or find cheap gear, it didn't feel complete. 

It didn't feel like my whole truth.


It wasn't until 2020 (some pandemic-induced perspective) that I realized what I really want to share with you are the pieces of my heart that I leave at the crag, at the take-out, and scrawled across the pages of my journal.

Healing isn't Type I fun. It's messy and it fucking hurts, sometimes worse than the initial wound.

But I've learned that if I want to show up in the world with my whole self, if I want to form authentic, trusting relationships and truly experience the fullness of life, healing is the only way.

And the whole time, the wild is my therapist, my coach, my confidant.