if you're a multi-passionate adventurer...
...whose only 'one true calling' is the great outdoors,
...who would rather be good-enough at all the things instead of great at just one,
this is for you.
apprentice :: a student learning a trade from a skilled expert
adventuress :: a womxn who enjoys or seeks adventure.

We are apprentices of rivers, mountains, trails, and crags.

We are eternal students of nature and of all those who came before us. We take "beginner's mind" outside.

Our tools are our paddles, climbing shoes, packs, and bikes... but most of all our grit, muscle, and insatiable curiosity.

We're empowered through trying hard, learning new skills, and being one with the wild.

And we believe adventures can and should be affordable, accessible, and rooted in awareness.

Here, we delve into all things multisport: how to juggle, afford, and explore many different outdoor pursuits.

If you eat, sleep, and breathe kayaking, for example, you'd get more out of a site dedicated to just that.

We discuss things that concern all adventurers, such as environmental issues, gear, access, and more, but we also answer questions like...

  • How do I pack for a multisport trip?

  • Where do I find free, used, and/or cheap gear for multiple passions?

  • How can I manage fear and self-doubt when I'm just aggressively all-right at all the things?!

  • How can I get over FOMO and choose one adventure over another?

If you've wondered about any of the above, welcome. You found your people!

Hey, I'm Natalie.

I'm an outdoor educator, river guide, writer, and naturalist.


For as long as I can remember, there have been two constants in my life: being or yearning to be outside, and having many interests- never feeling like I had 'one true calling.'

As I grew up, I experienced some hardship and traumas... but through it all, my happy place was in nature. And I began to discover self-respect in the rush of new experiences; confidence in challenging myself outdoors.


Paddling muddy rivers, scaling mountains, learning to climb, studying the plants and animals who share my home... I felt whole; more comfortable in my own skin.

I wanted to explore in every way I could, but I faced a few barriers you might be facing now: money, fear, self-doubt. Maybe what's holding you back is a lack of support. Perhaps you're amping up your adventures, or you want to explore a different discipline and aren't sure where to begin.

Helping you over these and other hurdles are why Apprentice Adventuress exists. I'm creating the guide I wish I had as an outdoor multi-passionate.

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.

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